How To Create a UGC Brief - Get Your Free Template

How to create a well-structured UGC brief and where to find templates online.

How To Create a UGC Brief - Get Your Free Template

The Simple Anatomy of a UGC Brief


A well-structured UGC brief is my roadmap to success. It starts with a clear hook - an engaging opening that grabs attention right off the bat. Think of a surprising fact, a question, or a bold statement related to the product like "I am throwing out all my old make-up and this is why!" In most cases, I am providing 3 different hooks, so the creator can produce different version which we can later A/B test and see what drives the best ROAS.

Middle Part

Next, the middle part shows the product's features, benefits, and real-life applications, often through a storytelling lens. The narrative should be relatable and suuuuper authentic, highlighting how the product fits seamlessly into the user's lifestyle. Make sure to use Gen Z or slang words - something that resonates with the audience when spoken out loud.


The finale, the call to action (CTA), is where we nudge the viewer towards taking a specific action - be it visiting a website, making a purchase, or simply learning more. This part is crucial and needs to be direct and compelling!

Voice-Overs: Yes or No?

When it comes to voice-overs, making them clear and easy to relate to is super important. I've watched ads where the voice-overs were so dull that they couldn't be saved by even the coolest visuals. Sometimes, it's because the script is too hard for the creator to say naturally. The vibe should feel young and fresh, like how Gen Z talks—with pauses, "uhms," and letting the creator's own style shine through. Even ads for the most serious products should sound a bit more human. As for the action scenes, they should really show off how the product works in real life, proving why it's useful. Putting together genuine voice-overs with meaningful visuals makes the ad's message resonate more deeply with people.

Ads don't always need voice-overs to be a hit. They can also rock by using catchy phrases like "POV: my morning routine is finally like in 13 Going on 30" or by adding popular songs that really pull at the heartstrings. Just make sure you're allowed to use the music—either by purchasing a license or by picking quotes from Instagram that lots of brands use. So, yes, ads can totally win people over with cool text and trending tunes or quotes.

Where to get UGC Brief Templates

Foreplay Template

Go to platform.

I love using Foreplay for creating my briefs - it comes with a free template that includes sections for the hook, middle part, and call to action (CTA), making it super easy for creative strategists like me. Plus, there's a 7-day free trial that lets you explore all its features, like creating briefs, checking out competitor ads, and saving ad inspirations. If you find it as useful as I do and decide to keep using it, the subscription is either $49 or $99 per month. But believe me, the time it saves you makes it absolutely worth it. Foreplay is my everyday companion, especially for spying on the competition first before scripting new content.

No more messing around with Google Docs; their template is super straightforward. They're easy for any content creator to follow.

Script Example Foreplay

Twirl Template

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Twirl is another great platform that simplifies creating UGC, much like Upwork or Fiverr does for freelancing. It's a one-stop shop for finding content creators, picking the right ones for your project, and then smoothly guiding you through creating your script, including the hook, middle part, ending, and even variations for voice-overs. It's designed to be super user-friendly, making it easy for beginners to find affordable UGC creators and get help with scripting. The cost for one video ranges from $160-250, depending on how many videos you're planning to produce. Personally, I find it way more straightforward than sourcing creators on your own and juggling scripts in Google Docs. Plus, a little insider tip: Twirl's co-founder happens to be my sister, so if you're looking for a discount, just let me know. I'm all about lending a hand to fellow creative strategists and marketers - no strings attached, just here to help.

Script Example Twirl

Notion Template

Go to template.

If you're looking to keep things simple and prefer not to use platforms like Twirl or Foreplay, there's a straightforward solution. For those who like sourcing their own creators and are comfortable managing documents in-house, I recommend using this free Notion template provided by Twirl. This template offers an excellent way to organize your scripts clearly and efficiently. Just a tip: If you plan on scaling up your content and find yourself working with 20 or more creators each month, make sure you've got a solid folder structure set up. This will help you keep track of everything smoothly.