During my travels through Morocco I came across HAF, a female empowerment foundation based in Marrakech. Their Female Empowerment Workshop enables participants to create the life they most want. HAF aims to strengthen women as rights holders by providing tools to advocate and act on their needs and goals. Key areas of their workshop is emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, money, work and discovery. Read more here.‍

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At the heart of every thriving community lies the empowerment of its women. The High Atlas Foundation (HAF), a Moroccan association and US nonprofit, understands this fundamental truth and is committed to uplifting Moroccan women as a cornerstone of sustainable community development. Here's why I chose to support their transformative initiatives:

Women-Centric Approach:

HAF firmly believes that empowering Moroccan women is pivotal to the well-being and development of communities. They kickstart every project with a workshop designed to empower women, encouraging self-expression and fostering personal growth. These workshops play a crucial role in identifying both individual and communal priorities and goals.

IMAGINE Workshops:

Since 2017, HAF has conducted over 100 IMAGINE workshops in 25 provinces, benefitting 2,500 women. These workshops are part of an international movement aimed at equipping women with the tools and strategies for holistic development. IMAGINE calls on participants to engage with seven critical areas of their lives: emotions, relationships, sexuality, body, money, work, and spirituality. By addressing these aspects, HAF helps women become agents of positive change within their communities.

Cooperative Building:

Following IMAGINE empowerment workshops, many women choose to establish cooperatives in their communities. HAF provides essential support to these initiatives, often involving expert volunteers from the Farmer-to-Farmer program for training and problem-solving. These cooperatives, initiated and managed by the women themselves, focus on various aspects, including agriculture, value-added products, artisan crafts, and textile production. Through technical training, many of these cooperatives have also ventured into the online market, overcoming geographical barriers to access broader markets.

Family Literacy Program:

Supported by the European Union, HAF's Family Literacy program is designed to address the literacy and numeracy needs of rural women while promoting lifelong learning. The program extends its impact across generations by incorporating early childhood development and parenting classes. By training literate young women to teach basic literacy and early childhood development, enhancing access to pre-primary education, and empowering women socioeconomically through education and technical training, HAF is making a meaningful impact on multiple fronts.

In conclusion, the High Atlas Foundation's dedication to women's empowerment, from IMAGINE workshops to cooperative building and family literacy programs, is a testament to their commitment to holistic community development. By supporting HAF's initiatives, we can be a part of the positive transformation of Moroccan communities and the empowerment of the women who play a central role in shaping their futures.

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